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Easter greeting (Poland)

The traditional Polish greeting at Easter time is 'Wesolego Alleluja'. Literally it means 'happy alleluia', but is normally translated as 'Happy Easter'. When sending someone an English-language Easter card, add the words 'Wesolego Alleluja' for a touch of cultural flavor. The greeting should be prominently displayed during the Easter season on banners, posters, lettering and other items decorating your parish, school, social hall and clubrooms as well as Polish-American stores and other places of business. Let our non-Polonian friends and neighbors as well as the general American public become exposed to it, just as we Polish Americans have become familiar with such terms non-English terms as Mardi Gras, piñata, ciao, Oktoberfest, bon voyage, pizzeria, Gesundheit, smörgasbord, déjà vu, tacos, etc.