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One evening Melanie said: I will go to Mexico to visit my grandmother I asked to come with her, she said “yes, my pleasure” and we decided to go there together . We prepared our backpacks and in the morning we flew to Mexico. It is my  first time that I have been to another country. I was very excited. After we had got off the plane, we immediately went to grandmother’s house. When she saw us , she was very excited because we made her a surprise. Melanie’s grandmother prepared us the famous Mexican dishes. All of them were very tasty but they were also very spicy. After eating, we walked around Mexico City. At first, we went to the Guadalupe Church. There were many statues there. Then, we watched a traditional bull festival in Mexico. Mexican people are warm hearted and very sincere. We were very tired and we went  back home, but then we changed our mind tos tay out. In the evening there were lights everywhere. People were enjoying on the streets. All of them dressed in different clothes. They were ready for the ceremony. After watching the show, we went to cinema. People like the outdoors in the evening. Then we came home. We have chatted with grandma Lisa. In the morning we parted with grandma and we came back to Turkey. We will go to Mexico again next year. Mexico is a wonderful and fascinating country.



   I won the university exam and went to England to study. My father and mother were very sad because of my leaving but they were very happy because of  my success.
   When I went to England, I was very excited because I did not know there and have no friends. “What am I going to do here alone?” I wondered myself.  Then, I thought that my school was very big and had a beautiful campus with a huge green garden. People were sitting and chatting there. Suddenly, a girl fainted and everyone was shocked.They called an ambulance to take the girl to the hospital.

   A few minutes later, an ambulance came and took her to the hosptal. The girl was not good. Her mother and father were very scared. The doctors went into the room and treated her carefully. However, the girl’s heart stopped and died. When the doctors went out of the room, the girl’s father and mother were sitting on the bench anxiously. One of the doctors looked at them and said that “ your daughter died because her heart stopped. We tried everything but, she diddn’t answer our treatments.” When her mother and father heard this, they started crying and shouting. It was a different event in my life, to tell you the truth it was the worst in my life that I have ever faced.  




      One gorgeous,sunny day last summer,Adem and his girl friend Semra went to the Safari Park.

      When they drove into the park, they closed the car windows tightly. “We do not want to be a lunch of lions,” Semra said cheerfully. Soon, they saw some lions. Adem stopped the car very close to the lions and took some pictures of them. The lions roared very loudly. “They are good, but very scary animals.” Semra said. “You are right, Semra. Let’s go and see the alligators,now,” Adem answered. He tried to start the car several times but he could not start it. Suddenly, some smoke began to come out of the engine.

    A few seconds later, the back of the car was on fire. They tried to get out of the car immediately, but they couldn’t because the lions were around the car. They were  both really scared. “We will get burned!” Semra screamed desperately. She beeped the horn and started to shout for help. Just then, a park ranger came along the road in his car. “Hold on, I will get you out of the car quickly and run towards the car,” the ranger told them calmly.

    When they were safe inside the car, they thanked the park ranger for his help. They were still scared but happy. “We are very lucky to be alive” they thought.



  It was four years ago. When I heard that I had won the university entrance examination, I felt very happy. I was very excited and also very eager to live in a different city and to meet new people. I have got a friend. I have known her since high school. I love her very much. She won the same university. So, we started to live in the same house. Sometimes, we disputed to small things but we lived a bad event and then we did not dispute to anything more.
  One day, we quarreled for an unimportant thing again. I broke her heart and she broke my heart, too. Then she went to school. I was alone at home. A few hours later the phone rang. A woman called me from a hospital. “Your friend had an accident” she said. I felt very scared. At once, I went to the hospital. I waited to doctor for a couple of hours. Then, the doctor came and told : “Your friend is good now.” I felt very relaxed and I went to my friend’s room to see her. I apologized her for  breaking her heart and she apologized me, too.
  Then, I understood very well that everyone must think twice before saying something. The life is very short, and we should not break people’s heart for anything. We should not make people feel sad during the our short life.

Eda BEKTAŞ                                                                                                         



   Everybody has got dreams and plans for the future. My the biggest dream is to be an English teacher. Also I have got a lot of plans for  my future.

    First of  all, I must study at a good university to be a successful English teacher after graduating from my  high school. I want to be an English teaher because I love teaching something to people and English. Moreover, my favourite lesson is English. My other dream is travelling to different countries and meeting new people from the different cultures.I love seeing new places and meeting new people and different cultures.
    I want to realise my dreams and I believe it is not difficult. I must study very hard in this way and I am sure I will achieve my dreams. If we want to realise something very much, it is not impossible to do successfully. I believe that one day I will be a successful English teacher and I will achieve all my dreams step by step.

Eda BEKTAŞ    



    It was a wonderful summer day and the sun was very bright .Everywhere was crowded and Jennifer was lying on the beach. She was looking at the sea sometimes while listenning to her radio and sunbathing.Suddenly, she saw someone was flopping into the sea, so she went to the seaside to have a look. It was a child. She entered to the sea immediately.

      As soon as she got into the sea, she swam towards where the child was. After she had swum a short distance, she saw a tide was coming. Then she saw the child and hold his arm fast. He was flopping because he couldn’t swim. Jennifer tried to help him,but she needed someone. Becuase he was a fat boy and she couldn’t carry him alone.

      She hold the child fast and shouted for help.A young man heard it and saw them. When the young man swam to help, a wave came to Jennifer and to the fat boy. They were very frightened. Then the second wave came to them and Jennifer couldn’t hold the boy. He began to cry and wanted a help. But neither Jennifer nor someone could swam to him. After a few seconds the boy get drowned.

       Two hours later the boy was founded by the divers. His parents were very regretful to let their child alone in the sea. And Jennifer was shocked after the boy got drowned and she felt very sad. Then she went to the boy’s parents and said “That was a bad event.You had to keep an eye on your child!”

Meryem DORUK



  I saw some children on my way home everyday. They lived under the bridge with their dirty face, eyes of fear and hate.
  They were alone for years and they tried to live with these difficulties.
  Everything was more different when they woke up one day. An old man came and listened to their life stories. One of them did not have a family because they died in an accident. Other child was a gambler’s son.
  Everything was happening at night. The streets were mooning with terrible noises. The police was looking for the children.
  The old man was bringing home to help them. One night there was a fire in a house. This house was the old man’s home.The old man was not at home but the children were at home. When the old man heard this, he went home at once. When he got there, he started crying because the children were at home alone. He called the police immediately. Everybody was there.The fire brigade came and extinguished the fire.When the fire extinguihed, they could not find any carpses.
  The children were not seen by anybody but other children were under the other bridge.Everybody was worried.The light of the bridge shone. Rubbish was bringing up the children.


Sema GÜN