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About Galicia


I come from a place full of stories and legends ...

A place where Hercules raised a tower that remains today

Where millions of pilgrims walk to visit the tomb of an apostle.

Where the Celts and the Romans lived...

Where the news of the discovery of America was first heard of.  

A place where you go, alive or dead ...

Where the dead rise in procession to visit homes where someone will die.

Where we do not believe in witches, but "haberlas haylas"

I live in a land full of natural landscapes, where the beaches look like cathedrals and the waters are crystal clear.

In a place filled with "castros". 

I live in that place where there is no ugly people, but "riquiña"

Where questions are answered with questions ..

Where the "futbolin" was invented

Where at Carnival we eat “ears”.

Where the parties are accompanied by octopus, seafood, "grelos", "filloas” ...

We have "magostos and “san Xoans" "gaiteiros" and "muñeiras" ..

We have coffee liquor, herbal liquor ...

We have spells to frighten evil spirits and witches ...

 I live where the rain has many names ..

A unique and magical place called ....


                                                                                                                    Ana Aldegunde