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Maias for May

The Feast of the maias (broom) is celebrated in some regions of Portugal on May 1. The doors of the houses or grills of the cars are adorned with bouquets of yellow broom or wreaths called Maia or May.

 It was customary for children to go from house to house singing and bagging. In some places they used to wear a flowery maias, that is, they adorned themselves with gorse.

Once in the Algarve they make a doll ​​of rags or rye dressed in white and surrounded with flowers. Another custom was to dress a child of maias. All white and covered with flowers, the child was in a rug while several children sang and danced around it.

May-boy was a young man who was clothed with maias. He walked with the clothes adorned with gorse, broom and on the head he had a pyramid made of maias, gorses. The May-guy went through the streets with children singing and dancing around him. Also walked through the fields to exorcize evil spirits and to protect families and crops.

"My lad May
there he comes
green dress
that seems fine. "